INTRODUCTIONS | why i’m here

Hello, my name is Brooke Duke. I am a sophomore attending the University of Southern Mississippi, pursuing a degree in Media Production. The courses required for this degree are providing me with the tools I’ll need to create digital art. My ultimate aspiration in life is to create meaningful content. In addition, I have passions for Gilmore Girls, coffee, reading, and music

I’m on a journey of self discovery, as is most of the world, and I’m intending to find that through this blog. I want to share my experiences, opinions, and revelations. “What is the purpose,” you might ask. Thought provokes new meaning to appear in places of uncertainty. If I discover something helpful, what kind of monster would I be to keep that advice to myself?

In short, I’m using this blog to search for a few fundamentals to guide me into a state of fulfillment. I’m looking for solace, acceptance, and community. I’m longing for pleasure and laughter. I’m eager to be creative and productive.

If you’re interested in any of those things, I hope you’ll stick around. I pray you’ll get to know me and let me get to know you. Come on this journey with me and we’ll find these things together.

Much love and coffee,

Brooke Duke


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