PRESIDENTIAL RACE 2016 | why some republicans refuse to vote trump

Some republican elected officials and party elders announced Saturday that they would no longer vote for Donald Trump following the release of rude remarks he made about women in 2005.

A video was published by Access Hollywood  Friday in which Trump was recorded making vulgar comments about women. The video and audio were collected from an interview in 2005.

While news media have covered several stories involving Trump’s offensive language, this video release prompted several republicans to resign their endorsement of Trump in the 2016 election.

“This is not a decision that I have reached lightly, but his pattern of behavior has left me no choice. His repeated actions and comments toward women have been disrespectful, profane and demeaning,” Idaho Senator Mike Crapo said.

While the video was disturbing, it was predictable. This was not the first time Trump made rude comments about women, as Senator Crapo stated above. For this reason, it seems ludicrous for republicans to have waited this long to cease their support.

Voters were made aware early on that Trump was not the ideal American politician and never claimed to be. Why do they still act surprised when the media releases additional evidence?

As for me, I think it’s time for voters to look at the bigger picture. It’s time to decide. Do we want our nation to progress in her current direction or do we want drastic, uncertain change. Not an easy choice to make.

Regardless, your opinion matters. Go vote.

Much love and LOTS of coffee,



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