DEMANDS FOR ONLINE NEWS| writing for a modern audience

Communicating clearly and appropriately in today’s world proves to be a daunting task, especially through online news.

Online news is ever changing, constantly being updated. The 24/7 news cycle calls for fresh, concise, meaningful stories while maintaining an unbiased stance, factual credibility, and a long-lasting presence on the web.

Because online news and its consumers are so demanding, communication can become tricky.

As online news must be published immediately, little time is allowed for editing and mistakes are common. For this reason, revisions are often necessary, but largely ineffective. Once a story has been published, whether on a news site or a posted in tweet format, readers will consume and then move on to other stories. Rarely do readers re-read articles, putting an immense amount of pressure on the online news market to remain current while also maintaining accuracy.

Nikki Usher spent five months observing the New York Times’ newsroom and explains the need for immediacy in this article.

Furthermore, language can be misconstrued in online media, because of the seemingly free nature of the internet. The anonymity provided by the screen encourages an environment of free speech with limited rules.

Additionally, the internet, having an overwhelming young audience, calls for informal and youthful language. However, the use of informal or “free” language can cause a news source to lose its reputable quality.

The world gets offended too easily, in my opinion. I feel like the media is held back from revealing all information available for fear of losing or disconnecting from viewers.

Just something to think about.

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