BLOGGING | a personal reflection

I started this blog as a homework assignment for a class at my university. Throughout my first blogging experience, I have developed a passion for sharing stories and topics that mean something to me.

The process of gathering information and finding a personal connection has not been effortless, but well worth it.

Blogging encouraged me to search my mind and develop an unique opinion about popular subjects.

I found it a bit intimidating to tackle political subjects. However, blogging encouraged me to do so, while striving to maintain an unbiased opinion. I feel that blogging forced me to alter my perspective, which strengthened my ability to accept all sides of a story.

My favorite subject to write on was anxiety. I found it liberating to open up about social issues I find important. Such topics are generally shied away from and given negative connotations. However, I was able to apply personal experience and expand the conversation surrounding such subjects because the blog style of writing allowed me to do so.

Blogging is different from other news sources, because they are personal. Blogs are more relatable as they are written by everyday individuals, rather than members of corporate companies.

I plan to continue blogging in order to connect to others with similar opinions and further my understanding with those with differing opinions.

Much love and coffee,



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